About us

Hi, my name is Carl Long. I run Paradigm Electrical Solutions Ltd. We offer Electrical solutions throughout Aylesbury, Buckenhamshire and beyond.

One of the things that make us very proud is that at the time of writing this we are at the top of Checkatrade and have been for the last twelve months.

When you book a job with us, we put all your details on to a tracking system so on the day of the appointment, you will know where we are so you are not sitting around all day wondering what time we will turn up.

Currently we have four electricians, one apprentice and Amber, who is our full time administrator and office manager and she is the person who keeps everything organised.

The majority of our work is domestic which is the sector that we enjoy working in the most. We work for many landlords, we also work for quite a few estate agents but most of our clients are direct.

We normally get calls from people when they are selling their house or from landlords when they need Electrical Installation Condition Reports updated so the majority of our work is for compliance reasons.

Paradigm Electrical Solutions Ltd - Registered in England
Registered Address: 21 Fairford Leys Way Aylesbury Buckinghamshire HP19 7FQ
Company Number: 11392982
VAT Number 321667314
01296 320 556