Paradigm Electrical Solutions are expert providers of commercial RCD fuseboard in Aylesbury. RCD stands for residual current device, they are used to protect against potentially harmful electric shocks should you touch an open wire or anything with a live current running through it. Commercial RCD can also help to protect against electrical fires, and they offer personal protection that you cannot get from regular fuses and circuit breakers. There are many different types of RCD, all of which provide you with different features which may be useful. The different kinds of commercial RCD include fixed, socket-outlets and portables RCD’s, all of which can provide you with great benefits in your commercial environments.

RCD Protection Fuseboard In Commercial Premises

Paradigm Electrical Solutions are leading providers of commercial RCD in Aylesbury and have an excellent reputation for providing high quality electrical services to our clients. We are an NICEIC approved contractor and installer as well as being classed as a Which Trusted Trader. Furthermore, we are proud to be a partner, adding even more to our incredible reputation. This helps give our customers the confidence you deserve when you choose Paradigm Electrical Solutions for your commercial RCD fuseboard needs.

If you would like to ask any questions regarding commercial RCD in Aylesbury, or if you would like to have an RCD system installed, get in touch with us today.