Paradigm Electrical Solutions are leading providers of EV Charger Installation in Aylesbury so your electric vehicle can stay on the move. As the shift away from petrol or diesel-powered cars continues, the need for EV chargers will continue to increase. These points provide your electric vehicles with all of the power that replaces diesel & petrol. However, for first time electric vehicle buyers, you can be caught unaware of some common misconceptions when it comes to charging your car. Some cars, such as the Hyundai Kona, can be charged with a 3 pin charging cable, however, users can easily be caught out by this, as a regular 3 pin mains plug isn't powerful enough to charge your vehicle quickly & charging it like this can take up to a week to fully charge the battery - this is where charging points come in & our EV charger installation in Aylesbury & the surrounding areas. Although there is an upfront cost, along with the running cost of electricity, home EV charging points are by far the most convenient way to charge your car when you want to. For any electrical vehicle buyers, installing a domestic EV point is a must! So why not get in touch with us to arrange your EV charger installation in Aylesbury today! 

Home Electric Car Charger in Aylesbury

Paradigm Electrical Solutions are NICEIC and Which approved contractors and domestic installers of home electric car chargers in Aylesbury, so you can be sure that you are receiving the very best domestic car charging points available. As such, you can be confident that when you hire us to install your home electric car charger in Aylesbury that you're getting a reliable, honest tradesperson installing your charging point. As well as this we are also proud to be partnered with, the UKs largest database of reliable and trustworthy tradespeople. If you would like to receive high quality installation of domestic car charging points, or for any further information regarding domestic EV chargers, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Paradigm Electrical Solutions today.