Commercial EV Charger Installation in Bicester by Paradigm Electrical Solutionsl

Is your company car park in Bicester filling up with electric vehicles? Could you be making a profit from electrical charging points whilst also offering benefits to your customers and employees? Paradigm Electrical Solutions in Bicester are your local, NICEIC approved, electricians who can perform commercial EV charger installations in your workplace, allowing customers and employees more options of where they can charge their cars.

Advantages of Commercial EV Charger Installation.

Electric cars are the way forward when it comes to protecting our planet’s future. By installing EV charger points to your workplace you will be ahead of the curve on futureproofing your carpark with an advantage many companies are yet to offer. This will impress employees, allowing them to easily charge their car whilst they work. Easing this stress may also improve an employee’s performance in the workplace.

Commercial EV charger installation is also beneficial for any on-site visitors. Electric car owners who visit your workplace may choose to stay longer, to enable their car to fully charge whilst they shop. This benefits your company as they may take longer browsing, resulting in them spending more money.

If you install EV charger points to your business carpark, you could impose a fee to allow customers or employees to use them. It is a personal preference if you want to impose this. However, if this is something you consider, then after the initial cost of installation, your company will be able to make a slow profit from the EV charger installations meaning the chargers end up paying for themselves.

Government grants are also in place to help cut the cost of EV charger installations. Your company may be able to benefit from The Workplace Charging Scheme to get your EV chargers installed at a fraction of the price. This is the Governments way of helping to protect our planets future.

How to Add EV Charger Installation to Your Workplace

An initial assessment would need to be carried out to ensure EV charger points can safely be installed into your workplace carpark. Once this has been confirmed, a qualified electrician will be able to install your EV charger points, ensuring they’ve been fitted correctly and safely for the use of employees and customers. It is essential to use a qualified electrician when carrying out any electrical work to guarantee its safety and to stop the risk of dangers. EV charger warranty will also be invalid if not installed professionally.

Commercial EV Charger Installer in Bicester

Installing EV charger points to your workplace will boost your company's reputation and demonstrate your overall willingness to assist your employees with their electric car needs. It also highlights your commitment to reducing your carbon footprint in the workplace. If this is something you believe your workplace could benefit from then call Paradigm Electrical Solutions in Bicester today. We can provide you with many years of knowledge and advice to help with your commercial EV charger installation. We are fully insured and registered with NICEIC, ensuring your business is protected by a trusted electrician. 

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