Commercial fire alarm installation & maintenance

On average it’s suspected that 22,000 workplace fires are reported each year. 

Incidents can unfortunately happen which is why adequate fire prevention is essential for commercial properties. Paradigm Electrical Solutions can provide business owners with high quality commercial fire alarm installation and maintenance services across Aylesbury. 

UK fire regulations 

In England The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order, 2005 highlights relevant legislation surrounding fire prevention and safety within commercial properties. Here are they key things any business owner should know: 

  • Businesses must conduct a fire risk assessment (with documentation).
  • Businesses must provide adequate fire-fighting equipment such as a fire extinguisher. 
  • Businesses must have sufficient fire safety signage.
  • Business are required by law to have a fire alarm system except very small premises where a fire would be immediately noticed. 

Fire alarms for businesses

There are also important regulations surrounding fire alarms, you must ensure that: 

  • Fire alarms are tested weekly.
  • Fire alarms are serviced every six months.
  • Fire alarms can be heard by everyone, no matter where they are in the building.
  • Fire alarms can be easily triggered from every exit on every floor.

As a business owner you must ensure your employees understand where each fire alarm is located and how to trigger them. They should also be made aware of each fire exit, where to meet once evacuated and who the fire marshal is. 

Fire alarm systems for businesses

Let’s look at the different types of fire alarm systems which business can benefit from:

  • Conventional fire alarms: Conventional systems can be divided into zones however each alarm has its own wiring connection to the control panel. These are ideal for smaller businesses. 
  • Addressable fire alarms: Addressable fire alarms can pinpoint the exact device which has been triggered in turn identifying the exact area of the fire. They are more cost effective for larger premises. 
  • Aspirated fire alarms: Aspirated fire alarms are ideal for hard-to-reach areas like a lift shaft. 
  • Wireless fire alarms: Wireless fire alarms work best in settings where there are restrictions to structural modifications like a listed building. 

At Paradigm Electrical Solutions, Aylesbury we can confidently address which system is appropriate making the process hassle free and efficient. 

Commercial fire alarm installation in Aylesbury 

Are you looking to upgrade your commercial fire alarm system in Aylesbury? Or worried your system isn’t adequate enough? Paradigm Electrical Solutions can help you. Our expert team of installers understand the importance of a high quality, reliable fire alarm system which is easy to maintain and test. Our installers can confidently install both big and small fire alarm systems which conform with UK Fire Regulations. Whether your commercial premises is an office, warehouse, retail space or even a school – we can assist. Our electricians are fully qualified to fit commercial fire alarms and registered with the NICEIC. We only work with high quality manufacturers which are reliable and durable – something which is a necessity for fire prevention systems.