Electric heaters – Benefits & Considerations

Electric heaters are long lasting and if used correctly, very energy efficient. 

As we approach the colder months, you may be reconsidering how your Aylesbury home is heated. Let’s discuss the benefits and considerations of the various electric heating methods. 

Electric heating methods:

  • Storage heater: Storage heaters are by far the most common type of electric heating. Storage heaters are specifically designed to work in harmony with electricity tariffs that supply electricity when its demand is less. This means they can run as cheap as possible. Electricity demand is much less overnight, so the storage heater stores this heat within its insulated core, slowly releasing this heat when in use. This why they’re sometimes known as overnight heaters. Storage heaters have become much more efficient over the years so it’s worth upgrading before Winter arrives. 
  • Electric boiler: An electric boiler heats water using electricity which then circulates the warm water through either radiators or underfloor heating pipes. Usually, these systems include a large hot water cylinder to store the heat, and are paired with special electric meters, which provide cheaper electricity units at certain times of day.
  • Electric heaters: Electric heaters such as wall-mounted electric radiators, infra-red heaters and panel heaters are all other methods of electric heating. Generally speaking, these types of heaters are used as a secondary method of heating for homes which lack insulation. 
  • Underfloor heating:  There are two types of underfloor heating, wet and electric. Wet underfloor heating passes heated water through a series of pipes laid under your floor. This heated water can be generated by a boiler or a heat pump. Electric underfloor heating uses a series of wires to heat the water instead. Underfloor heating works great in homes with little carpet – specifically in large kitchens or bathrooms. 
  • Bathroom towel racks: Often overlooked, heated bathroom towel racks can work great as an additional or lone heating method. If you have a bathroom on the smaller side, these are ideal!

Benefits of electric heating

One of the major benefits of electric heating is the huge variety of heating methods on offer. This varied selection allows you to choose a heating method which works for you, your family, and your home without compromising on effective heating. Another huge plus to electric heating is the low maintenance costs. Gas boilers are very expensive to repair and replace. Electric heating methods, although an initial investment provide more reliability with little maintenance. Furthermore, newer electric heating methods often work alongside smart heating technology. This allows for higher efficiency and lower electricity bills. Lastly, electric heating is much better for the environment – even more so if you use renewables to power your home. 

Here at Paradigm Electrical Solutions, Aylesbury we’ll help you decide on the perfect electric heating system which won’t break the bank. We’ll take multiple factors into account such as budget and heating habits to ensure the system will work effectively. 

Electric heating considerations 

One downside to electric heating is it can be expensive if not utilised properly. Once your system has been installed, our skilled electricians will talk you through how to use your system to its advantage. You should watch out for overheating and be thoughtful on how and when you use your electric heating system. 

Electric heating installers in Aylesbury

Let Paradigm Electrical Solutions handle your electric heating installation. Our experienced heating electricians have installed various electric heating methods into a range of different properties ensuring optimal heating efficiency. Need some advice? Contact Paradigm Electrical Solutions today. Let us make your Aylesbury home cosy and warm this Winter.