High End Residential Electrical Installations

Paradigm Electrical Solutions, Aylesbury specialise in high end residential electrical installations across Aylesbury and London. 

From first fix electrics all the way through to luxury lighting design – Paradigm Electrical Solutions can assist. Our team of fully competent, qualified NICEIC electricians possess expert knowledge in a wide range of areas within the high-end residential field enabling us to tackle any electrical problem, confidently ensuring our client’s expectations are exceeded. 

Luxury LED lighting💡

Here at Paradigm Electrical Solutions, Aylesbury we’ve worked both with clients directly as well as property developers, architects, and interior designers. One thing they can all agree on – LED lighting is key. Energy efficiency is a must in any high-end residential development or refurbishment, it’s a desirable feature which assists positively when the property is sold on. When it comes to the high-end residential market, lighting is not something which should be underspecified. High quality, expertly designed lighting is important when curating a luxury feel. A combination of ambient, task, accent and decorative lighting can aid successfully in this. 

Smart home technology

Smart home technology is widely desired across the high-end development industry. Its an attractive selling point for potential buyers for multiple reasons – convenience being the main one. But how and what smart home technology are we referring to?

  • Smart thermostats: A smart thermostat or smart heating system provides many benefits. They allow the homeowner to track and control their heating from anywhere, at any time through either a tablet or mobile device. They’re easy to use and make everyday life easier and more convenient. A smart thermostat can even save you money if used effectively. 

Picture this: You’re on the train home from work – it’s a cold evening in January. You grab your phone out your bag and open up the smart heating app. You set your thermostat to a toasty 21 degrees. You arrive home into a warm and cosy environment ready to unwind. What’s better than that? 

  • Smart lighting: Similarly, a smart lighting system works in the same way, by connecting to WIFI you can control the lighting within a property remotely. Smart lighting is again desirable for many reasons, increased safety, security and of course enhances your day-to-day life. 

Picture this: You’ve just finished watching your favourite TV show, you head to the kitchen and grab a glass of water to take to bed. You head back upstairs, begin to unwind, and start to read a few pages of that book you’ve been trying to finish for months. Just as you start to get comfortable, you remember you’ve left the kitchen light on. You grab your phone, open your smart home app, and turn off the light without disrupting your night-time routine. 

High end residential electricians – Aylesbury⚡

Looking for a professional electrician to cater to your luxury high-end residential needs? Look no further! Paradigm Electrical Solutions have a team of skilled electricians who specialise in providing a five-star electrical service tailored towards high-end, luxury residential developments. With our expertise and attention to detail, we'll ensure your requirements are met with the utmost precision and quality. Trust us to handle all your luxury electrical requirements, delivering exceptional results that continuously exceed your expectations. We’re based in Aylesbury but complete projects across London too. Contact our friendly and professional team today.

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