Security lighting installation - Paradigm Electrical Solutions, Aylesbury

Your business deserves high quality, long-lasting security lighting throughout. Your employees also require a well-lit environment to work safely and efficiently. At Paradigm Electrical Solutions we provide businesses across Aylesbury with high quality security lighting including floodlights and Passive Infrared (PIR), AKA motion sensor lighting. A mixture of different security lighting types will ensure your business is protected from all corners and access points. It will also assure any large open areas are sufficiently lit benefiting your employees and any visitors.

Why do businesses need security lighting? 

Almost all businesses, large or small will benefit from outdoor security lighting. Burglars are always on the lookout for vulnerabilities – a lack of or no security lighting is exactly that. They often act on impulse, looking to target vacant premises in dark, hidden areas where they won’t be seen. If your business is lit up in full display, it’s unlikely to be targeted as it just won’t be worth the risk. It will also make it seem like the premises is still in use, even if everyone has gone home. 

Every Business is Different…

Remember every business is different. Each one will have a different number of access points and be a diverse shape and size. Because of this, a security lighting system works best when it’s been specifically designed for your premises. Optimal protection is key in deterring burglars.

Types of Security Lighting

Luckily, there are multiple variations of security lighting meaning your installer can select the right type for you which meets all of your security requirements. Let’s look at these in more detail:

Passive Infrared (PIR) Security lighting

PIR security lighting is triggered by changes like motion or temperature. Any change detected causes the light to immediately switch on, often scaring its trigger. Because PIR lights are only on when triggered, they are cost effective and relativity cheap to maintain. They work great above access points and in conjunction with other methods of security lighting like floodlights. 


Floodlights are designed to offer high intensity light in large open areas. They can be used in conjunction with a PIR sensor or as dawn to dusk detection. Floodlights are a huge deterrent, they can illuminate areas of 200 to 300 square feet, that’s almost half the size of a football pitch! The impressive light range they hold does mean they come at a cost to run, combining them with some standard PIR security lighting means you get the best of both worlds - more than sufficient lighting which protects your business without breaking the bank. 

Dusk to Dawn Security Lighting

As you can probably guess, dawn to dusk lighting is security lighting which is triggered by light change. As soon as it hits dusk, the lights are triggered and when it becomes light again, they switch off. This protects your property when you need it most and also makes it appear as though someone is controlling the lights from inside. Remember an occupied property is not worth the risk. Again they are cost effective and are only in use when the property is at its most vulnerable. Dusk to dawn lights are available in a wide range of light intensity levels, designs, and specs giving your electrician room to choose which will suit your premises best. 

Who can install security lighting for my business? 

A business, whether its commercial or industrial must ONLY use a fully qualified electrician to install outdoor security lighting. Even better if they advertise security lighting installations as a specialism. At Paradigm Electrical Solutions, our electricians have been installing commercial and industrial security lighting systems across Aylesbury for several years. Our aim is to ensure your business is well protected and adequately lit which acts as a successful deterrent against break ins. Our electricians cover Aylesbury and the surrounding areas. We are fully insured and registered with the NICIEC giving you peace of mind, which as business owners ourselves is truly a necessity. Protect your business and your valued employees today with Paradigm Electrical Solutions, Aylesbury. Get in touch for more information!