Trunking for education environments – Aylesbury

Trunking is used to keep electrical appliance wiring neat & tidy. Electrical trunking is commonly used in commercial settings such as schools, colleges, & universities.

Electrical trunking for educational environments should meet the IP4X requirements, be durable and easy to clean. The trunking cover should also only be accessed deliberately by use of a tool to ensure students cannot break or access the wiring beneath. 

Why use Electric Cable Trunking?

  • Cable protection: With electrical trunking, cables will be safely hidden away and protected from being pulled and tangled. It will also keep cables clean, dust free and organised. 
  • Cable maintenance: Cables within trunking are easier to maintain and repair. Trunking is installed in sections with removable hinges meaning access is quick and efficient. If you also need to replace a section of trunking this can be done easily without having to replace the whole system. 
  • Design: Electrical trunking aids in the overall appearance of a classroom too – by hiding cables it curates a tidy and mess free setting allowing pupils and teachers to focus in a visually pleasing, clean environment. 
  • Decreases risks & injuries: Electrical trunking reduces the risk of trip hazards and injuries caused by poorly maintained cables. 
  • Long lasting & durable: Electrical trunking is designed with durability in mind. It will limit cable repairs by providing a hard-shell barrier made to withstand accidental damage. 

Cost effective electrical trunking:

It's no secret schools and other educational environments struggle with low maintenance budgets. Although an initial investment, high quality electrical trunking will save you money on maintenance costs in the long run. Only appoint electricians with previous experience installing trunking within educational environments as they’ll understand although budget is tight, high quality, durable trunking is a must. An experienced electrician will also be well versed in the relevant safety regulations specifically for electrical installations within educational settings. Here at Paradigm Electrical Solutions, Aylesbury our team of expert electricians have previous experience working within a wide range of educational environments including installing different types of durable electrical trunking systems – from computer rooms to staff rooms. 

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