Don't overload your sockets this Summer!

Socket overload in Aylesbury

Summer is the time of year when electrical call outs increase for us Electricians in Aylesbury. There are a number of reasons why this time of year is more common for electrical faults. A lot of the time I find that because of the summer holidays, homeowners tend to use this time to do a bit of DIY. Planning on replacing that light fitting in the lounge that you have been meaning to do for ages?! Think twice before doing this yourself as you could end up with no lights, or no power. This is one of the most common issues our Electricians in Aylesbury get called out for and this is obviously not something you want to happen at any time of the year!

Also with more people being at home at the same time, we tend to use more electricity, plugging in more appliances that we would normally. With this in mind, before risking overloading your sockets, take some time by using the socket overload calculator below to check you are not exceeding the maximum load of your extension leads: